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We proudly supply top quality, ethically-raised, Canadian meat products to restaurants, chefs, retailers, home cooks and everyone in between — and we simply love what we do. We’ve been at this a while and have one of the most diverse product portfolios around. So whether you’re a professional or a professional at home, we have your latest food obsession just waiting for you to discover.


We make home chefs and meat lovers happy. Read more about our signature Sausages, Charcuterie, Bone Broths and more. Packaged and perfected for your home and local grocer.


If you’re a cook, a grocery, brewery, distillery or winery or anyone else looking to sell our products — then it’s time to get in touch with your local Two Rivers’ sales representative.
We specialize in some of the best products that Canada has to offer. Whether you prefer grain-finished, grass and forage-finished or even organic, our beef is naturally-raised and simply wonderful.
Our poultry comes from the very best farms in B.C. We partner with incredible local poultry farms who understand that raising an animal in a stress-free environment makes them happier, healthier and more importantly, tastier.
Pork is one of the most popular proteins for a reason — it’s lean, delicious and versatile. And, we only use the very best Canadian pork — one bite of our bacon or wide variety of sausages and you’ll agree.
Like all our products, our lamb comes from like-minded Canadian farms that share our passion for quality. All the animals are humanely treated, roaming free and never treated with hormones or antibiotics.
Bison, Elk, Venison, Boar are rich in flavour and offer outstanding texture. And, like every product from Two Rivers, they’re naturally raised and treated with care and respect. They are Canadian after all.
We’re not just picky about our beef — we’re extremely particular about our fish too. We’ve partnered with some local seafood companies to provide some of our favourite catches. Sablefish, Spot Prawns, Salmon and more.
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